States and Provinces

I was able to put together fairly comprehensive displays from Alberta, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Alaska, Washington, Idaho and Montana for the 2005 NAWEOA conference held here in BC - the items  listed here are ones from those agencies, and other Canadian agencies, that I never acquired. I no longer collect items from any of those jurisdictions, EXCEPT for BC, Yukon, Alaska, Washington State and the Canadian Wildlife Service as well as Australia and New Zealand.

I will be moving the images of items I did not obtain from the remaining agencies to their respective agency pages on this site, as I do intend to keep those maintained, as well as add a couple of additional pages.

I have some trading material (email me for photos) or will  consider purchasing items I want

Provinces and Territories

British Columbia

BC Deputy Game Warden badges:

Original issue Predator Control Division shoulder patch c. 1952


early 1960's office staff pocket crest



Game Guardian tab



Alaska Game Commission patch

State Trooper, Fish and Wildlife Protection PATCH

Fish & Fish & Wildlife Bullion patch



Washington State Enforcement Inspector rocker

Predator Control Agent rocker


CURRENT style badge

I'd also like to obtain some items from the Skagway Police department as I spent a lot of time in Skagway from 2003 to 2007 and got to know the officers there and at Border Protection


badges, badge patches and older style shoulder patches

to FEDERAL want list


Patch & Badge Displays