I received a gracious donation of three older Newfoundland and Labrador patches that I needed (patch collectors need patches), thanks to Chuck Porter, a N&L Conservation Officer and his dad, Bruce, who served as a N&L Wildlife Officer for 33 years.  I met Chuck at the N.A.W.E.O.A conference in Albany NY in 2000.  He is a super nice guy, like many folks from "down east".  Thank you for the patches guys - I'm honoured to display them here. The oldest patch is from about 1962.

The Newfoundland Rangers badge predates Newfoundland joining Confederation in 1949.  The Rangers were a sort of rural police force responsible for all types of policing in the colony, including game protection.

Newfoundland and Labrador is the last province to become part of Canada.  Labrador, where Chuck lived, is the mainland portion, bordering Quebec, and is full of wild critters, especially caribou.  Newfoundland AKA "The Rock" is an island in the Atlantic Ocean where the bulk of the folks live, and is also full of moose, which were introduced to the island many years ago.

     Newfoundland Wildlife Service        


The Wildlife Division had been part of the Department of Forestry, but a new Department of Natural Resources was created, with an enforcement arm responsible for all natural resources enforcement.


In 2004 the Inland Fish Enforcement program of the Division of Public Safety and Enforcement within the Department of Justice was organized in order to combat the rampant poaching of fish on the inland waterways of Newfoundland. Although this program was not part of the Department of Natural Resources, its field staff was comprised of Conservation Officers seconded to the program for 4 months. This program operated until 2010.

In 2011 the Inland Fish Enforcement program was expanded to create the Fish & Wildlife Enforcement Division, and approx. 37 officers were transferred from the Department of Natural Resources, to bring the staff level up to 88 personnel. Staff within the DNR would continue to perform non-fish and wildlife related natural resources enforcement, such as forestry, Motorized Snow Vehicles and All-Terrain Vehicles Act /Regulations, non wildlife sections of the Endangered Species Act, and the Wilderness and Ecological Reserves Act/Regulations.


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