Patch and Badge Displays 

The pictures and the links below depict my collection of North American agencies shoulder patches and badges. There is much to explore!!

The "Never Acquired" pages depict patches and badges that I don't have, but occasionally there are also items on the collection pages that I don't have - I put them there to give viewers a chronological history and they are usually noted as not being in my collection. 

In the near future I hope to add pages to display my Australian and New Zealand fisheries, wildlife and conservation items, as well as a collection of Game Warden patches from the Swiss Province of Bern.

Click the image below to view the old BC Fish & Wildlife Branch collection of North American patches that was put together in 1964, and remains nearly intact to this day.

USA State and Federal Agencies - as of Dec 31, 2014

There are presently 58 state agency patches, because New York & Wisconsin wear different patches on each sleeve, there are separate Fish and Game agencies in Pennsylvania, and 5 states (Alabama, Maine, Mississippi, North Carolina, Virginia) have a separate Marine Fisheries agency.  I want to update the individual pages of the US agencies that I created displays for(see list below). I am also attempting to add pictures of individual patches that I do not yet have, as they are updated by each agency, as a reference to collectors.

USA - click links to see my displays from these agencies that border British Columbia
US National Park Service
US Fish & Wildlife Service
National Marine Fisheries Service - NOAA

Updated US Agency Patches updated Hover over images to see more details about the patch

Provincial & Territorial Agencies

click each patch picture to open a display page of patches from that Province or Territory. 



Fisheries Canada      Canadian Wildlife Service    National Capital Commission

National Parks Canada

Bern Canton, Switzerland
Australian Capital Territory
Australian Fisheries Management Agency
New South Wales
Northern Territory
South Australia
Western Australia
New Zealand

 Never Acquired and WANTED Patches and Badges

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